Types of Medication

There are many different types of medication that treat a range of different heart conditions, the treatments that are available are effective at improving the health of heart patients allowing them to live a better quality of life not letting their heart condition get in the way.

Tips to taking your medication

Get into a routine, taking it at the same time will help you to work it into your daily routine ensuring that you don’t forget. If you do struggle to remember set a reminder on your phone or make yourself a note.

Get yourself a pill box, this allows you to plan out your weekly medication and then put it somewhere you see everyday, such as with the coffee and tea or something that you use everyday.

Never stop or decrease the amount of medication without your doctor saying so. Most medications are taken on a long term bases and for a full effect the whole course of medication has to be finished.

If you regularly pick up medication prescriptions ensure you have enough to last until you get the new prescriptions meaning don’t wait until you are completely ran out.

Common medication drugs

The types of medication drugs that can be used to treat heart conditions are commonly used to prevent blood clots, manage blood pressure, cholesterol and to help manage and stop angina. These common drugs consist of:

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Other types of treatments

Other treatments are used for more serious situations were a permanent fix is required to help cure the heart condition. Although it sounds bad it isn’t, the doctors have seen and carried out the treatments 100’s of times and at the end of the day, the professionals are there to help and will guide you through every step of the way making the process as smooth as possible.

The different types of treatments:

For more information and to find out about treatments that aren’t listed Click Here


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