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Every year 1000’s of charities including the Manx Heart Support Group are doing there bit in fundraising to help in the on going research into heart conditions, where world class scientists are making waves in helping to create new cures for the heart conditions.

The Funding & Research

Over 100 million pounds is donated by people like you and all this money goes straight to the research and helps buy new technology to help save peoples lives. In the UK, British Heart Foundation is leading the way in the research boasting a total of six centers of excellence where top scientists from all over come together to fight back against heart conditions. 1000’s of project are carried out which all aim to find and develop new ways to cure and diagnose conditions which helps saves peoples lives.

It’s not just these big projects that are being carried out but smaller projects such as the University Of Leicester research into rare causes of heart attacks.

Where the money goes

Unlike most Manx charities all money raised by the members of the Manx Heart Support Group stays on the island. This money is used to buy new equipment and help fund larger projects that are being undertaken on the island. Previously the money that has been raised has been used to buy heart defibrillators and the group was actually one of the first distributors.



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