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If you’re a friend, carer or a family member that knows someone with a heart related disease or you have one yourself then talking to a professional can save a life. If you show any signs of a disease the sooner it is diagnosed the more of the person you save. Early diagnoses are key.

Nobel’s Hospital Cardiac Centre

Cardiac services in Noble’s hospital are currently led by Consultant Physician/Cardiologist, Dr J Tibitanzl and his team comprising of Staff Grade Doctor, Specialist Cardiac Nurses and Physiologists. For the size of island population Noble’s hospital provides general cardiology services together with wide range of non-invasive investigations.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is provided on behalf of the Consultant cardiologist by a team headed by a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Cardiology & Cardiovascular Rehabilitation. The team is multidisciplinary and also includes a nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dietitian and pharmacist. They provide exercise, education and psychological support/stress management for people who have had a variety of cardiac events. They have close links with Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital in order to provide rehabilitation to patients who have had treatment in Liverpool in a timely manner. The aim of the programme is to reduce their risk of subsequent cardiac problems and to promote their return to a full and normal life.

Nobel’s Hospital address and Contact details:

Noble’s Hospital
Isle of Man

Telephone:+44 1624 650000 (general enquiries 24 hour line, all calls to this number are recorded)

Local GP

Visit your local GP if you experience any symptoms of heart conditions. Even if its a cough that you have had for 2 weeks book a appointment and get checked out your doctor is trained to help you and potential save your life. They will be able to spot the symptoms and step in before things take a turn for the worst. Visit the home page for home information on warning signs of a heart attack or for more in depth symptoms click here

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